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What makes Sambolo Beach Bungalows special ... ?  It's more than a beach cottage, more than a weekend retreat ... it's a community of expatriates who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and to stay away from the usual One of West Java's most beautiful beachesnoise and invasions of privacy prevalent in most holiday resorts in Indonesia.

At Sambolo there's a comfortable environment to enjoy time in the country, a community of friends to socialize with and a safe beach for children to play on.  Just privacy, peace and quiet and good times in the company of family and friends.

How it Works

One-year Lease

You are free to use your bungalow 365 days a year, without any restrictions whatsoever. Companies, embassies, and groups of friends appreciate this freedom.

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Time Sharing Lease

If you choose to use the bungalow for yourself and with other groups, this is for you. You are required to commit to a minimum of 8 weeks in any of the timesharing bungalows over a one year period. This option allows you to pre-plan your usage over the next 12 months.

Flexible Booking Lease

This suits those who cannot pre-plan their leisure schedule over the next 12 months. All you need to do is commit to an 8-week share with a flexible booking system, and give us a call or send an email at anytime you wish to use a bungalow. Subject to availability.

Daily Rent

Give us a call or send an email in advance to book. Subject to availability.

Lease Agreement

The rights and responsibilities of the lessor and lessee are detailed in a legal and binding lease agreement which is signed by both parties.

The bungalows are fully-furnished and maintained by the on-site property management.  Security and landscaping are also the responsibility of the management.  Houseboys can be provided, the salary being paid by the lessee. Houseboys assist tenants with cleaning, cooking and shopping.

Relaxing with friends

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